Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party Ready in Minutes

This weekend, we had our now annual Christmas dessert with our neighbors. We love hosting this because it give us the chance to catch up with folks we normally only see in passing.
Now the problem with party planning is that it takes time, and with three kids it’s nearly impossible to keep things tidy and company ready.
Fortunately, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to make my home ready in just a few minutes. (Although I usually do a lot the day before so that I’m not crazy woman the day off.)
I ask everyone to bring something to share, and I simply provide drinks. I usually have nuts, chips, and other goodies on hand just in case. I’ve never had to pull these out, and we always have plenty of treats to enjoy and share later.
Dim the lights and light some candles. Everybody and everything looks better by candle light.
I’ve filled this rescued from the garbage thing with candles, snowflakes and ornaments. It looks great on the kitchen table.
Clear the clutter. Obviously, this isn’t company ready. Not even close. Here’s how I deal with this always messy spot. I clear everything off, even the jars filled with scrapbook embellishments.
Then I fill other jars that I’ve got stashed in the garage with ornaments, candy canes and other silver pretties that I grabbed at the dollar store. I also put out serving pieces for our guests to set their desserts on.
Here’s a closer look at the jars:
And finally, I do a very quick clean because I know that a house full of people will leave things messy when it’s all said and done. I make sure the bathroom is clean and the floors are clear of dog hair but that’s about it.
I provide simple drinks and don’t stress, because I’m pretty confident that my neighbors aren’t coming over to see my awesomely clean house or my amazing home made eggnog. If I even made amazing home made eggnog. The most important part is time together.
Our guests ended up staying late and talking lots, it was wonderful and such a fun time. Party planning doesn’t have to be a big deal, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it. The point for us was being together, extending ourselves to others around us. And for that reason, we can call it a great success.
What kind of parties do you host or attend this time of year?

I’m sharing with Kimba’s DIY day, head on over to A Soft Place to Land for some DIY inspiration.


  1. Such great ideas. I always host a caroling party- potluck cookies, I'll have a few goodies here, and there's a huge pot of hot cider to warm up cold fingers when we get back.

    I host a piano recital for my students every year too- more cookies, and make sure I shine the piano!

  2. So pretty! I love all the ornaments in those jars.

  3. My husband has a fit when I don't do an all over clean for company, but I agree with you. Wipe the toilet, put out some extra TP, wipe up and run a quick sweeper and dim the lights. Soon the house will be so full of people you can't see the floors anyway!


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