Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Field Trip: The Henry Ford Museum

We traveled pretty far this field trip, but what an amazing way to start the school year.
While we were in Michigan we visited the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, they say that they have the most significant collection of America ever assembled. I think they might be right. It was an amazing day, seven hours at a museum that completely flew by. I was actually disappointed when they closed and we had to leave.
Where else can you visit a Lego city, complete with a giant Empire State Building?
Where else can your kids become part of hot dog? (Right next to the Wiener Mobile no less.)

Where else can you see the cars our presidents rode in? This one was President Reagan’s, the one he dove into after the assassination attempt.
Where else can your kids put together a Model T?
And where else can you look at a model of the Kittyhawk and learn about the Wright Brothers, or sit in a model of the first passenger airplane, or learn about steam engines and generating electricity, or sit in the conductors chair of a giant locomotive? I could go on and on, and of course there were lots of really cool cars to look at.
It was a great day to see all the ingenuity that makes America so wonderful, great experiments that have changed our lives and still do even today. If you’re near there and have visited you know it’s pretty cool. If you’re near and you haven’t visited you should make the trip. Even if you’re not so near you should make the trip. It was so very fun.
And now that we’re back in our own time zone we’ve been trying to get back to normal school, and normal life. I’ve even had the chance to do a few small projects too. Hopefully you’ll be reading about them soon!

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  1. What a fun trip and photos! I especially liked the "kid sandwich". My kids are older so our field trip days are in the past.


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