Monday, January 18, 2010

Kitchen Refresher

The New Year always leaves me looking for something fresh, or at least redone.  My kitchen was feeling like it needed just a little bit of something after all the holiday festivities died down.  Mostly, it needed some color.
So I took down my burlap mistreatment.  This is a photo from Christmas, but you might be able to tell the burlap sort of just blended in with the wall.  I was down with that at the time, but a punch of color is what I was craving.
I have this fabric that I found on eBay a long time ago. I love the pattern, but even more so I love the orange.  It’s just a little panel that I sewed hot-glued together.  I folded it in half and fluffed it a bit and hung it from the clips. 
I added some plates to the wall.
And then I brought in an old vintage scale that’s been hiding out on my hutch.  See, I didn’t even hide the lamp cord for you.  It’s all bundled up with a rubber band behind the scale.


All in all, this quick transformation took about 30 minutes, all while talking on the phone with Zac’s mom.  See Mom,  I told you there was no such thing as downtime around here!
I’m sharing with Kimba’s DIY day today.


  1. that looks fabulous! you're so crafty when it comes to freshening up a space!

  2. That totally did the trick! Cute!

  3. It looks so fresh and fun! What a great way to start the new year.

  4. Came over from The Inspired Room & wanted to tell you that I love the touches of orange that you added to your kitchen! It definitely looks very cheerful, and that fabric is great! Love the fresh fruit too, adds a nice touch.

  5. The gray days of winter always make me crave color - your kitchen is darling!

  6. I love what you've done with the window. I am so bored with the curtains in my window. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. How nice to have such a bright, sunny spot during these dreary winter days. It looks great!

  8. Love what you did. Which reminds me, I want to put up a new kitchen rod with I can change out curtains quickly. (I don't sew, but I *DO* own a glue gun!)

  9. A great inspiration. I have been meaning - for a very long time - to put up some sort of window treatment in our kitchen. And now I am feeling the motivation. BTW, I love that fabric, very cheerful.


  10. I really, really LOVE this fabric!! Well done!!

    God bless.


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