Thursday, January 21, 2010

Perceiving Time

I’ve been thinking about time lately. It all started with an article I read over the weekend about leisure time.  The point of the article was that most American women have, on average, thirty hours of leisure time a week. 
Thirty hours?  Seems like a lot, doesn’t it?  Well, it seems like a lot more than I feel like I have. 
And there’s the point, the guy who came up with this theory asserted that we have way more leisure time than we think simply because of our perception of how we spend our time.
Sometimes, I get frustrated over time.  Time I spend doing things when I’d rather be doing other things.  Time that I feel like slips away some days over mundane tasks.  Time spent cleaning, cooking, washing, schooling, driving….on and on it goes.
And then I remember that I didn’t get the laundry done because we got engrossed in a school project.
 The kitchen didn’t get swept because I snuck away with some girl friends for a long trail run.  That endless list of to-do’s waits because I’m spending my time doing other things.  Important things.  Sometimes I wouldn’t consider all of it leisure time, but it’s time well spent because it’s time spent living. 
I’m reminded to make the most of the time I’ve got, to be fully in the moment-all day long. 
It slips by so quickly, doesn’t it? 
Be very careful then, how you live-not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity.  Ephesians 5:15


  1. Hi Gina! I enjoyed browsing your last few posts. We were in MI for 9 days too...and then home...and then gone again. I echo your feelings exactly! It's good to be home. Your kitchen spruce-up is adorable. Makes me want to abandon the rest of our schoolwork today...and the laundry...and the dirty bathrooms and be crafty and decorative. Love that orange!

  2. Okay I just had to make one more comment. Your grandmother is adorable! Also, how is it that we go to MI twice a year and I have yet to visit the Henry Ford Museum? Thank you for the reminder to put that on my to-do list when we go this summer. Finally, our new years resolutions are almost identical. See how much we have in common!

  3. I'm with you on each and every point, girl.
    You hit it.

    Love that verse, I think a day planner needs to be made with that in BIG BOLD letters on the front.

    It also might not hurt for me to post it on my computer screen ! lol!! ;)

  4. I know I have a lot more leisure time than I think too. Just seeing how quickly the time passes when I'm on the computer is testimony to that! When we were without our computer last month while it was being repaired, I realized what a time waster it could be for me so I'm trying to set boundaries for myself in order to make better use of my time.

  5. Love this post and the verse. I too have some time wasters (computer) that i need to be a little more strict with. I am strict with tv time for the kids. I need to do so with myself... practice what i preach???

  6. LOVE this. I always say I don't have enough time, when what I mean is, "I was busy doing other things that may (or may not) have been more important."

    This year it's one of my goals to try to cut out some GOOD things so I have enough time for the BEST things.


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