Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is why….

This is why we traveled over 2000 miles.  This is why we abandoned routine and the comfort of home.  This is why we hauled three kids across the country, in four separate airplanes for a nine day adventure.
And the picture says it all, it was worth it.
This is my Grandma, my dad’s mom.  She’s always lived way far away in Michigan.  We’ve always lived way over here, on the West Coast.  We bridged that distance this past week to celebrate her and her 90th birthday.  It was quite a trip, full of fun adventures.
It was all for the most important thing, an introduction.  My kids meeting their great grandma, two of them for the very first time. 
We also got reacquainted with lots of other family members.  It was wonderful.  Exhausting, but wonderful. 
Now we’re back in our own time zone and getting ready to get back into a routine, at least for a few days. (Zac and I may be taking off for a few days later this week, yikes.)  One thing I know is that getting away is nice, but home is my favorite place to be. 
But I am so glad to have gone, to be able to spend some time with this remarkable woman.  Beautiful, isn’t she?


  1. What a great experience for all of you! Your grandmother is beautiful. Have a blessed week in Him.

  2. Hi Gina, this is SO precious. I'm so happy to see this today!

    I just love older people anyway, but it really touched my heart.

  3. what a beautiful post. i'm sure everyone benefitted by thsi trip.

  4. This is so sweet Gina! It was an amazing week filled with so many memories and adventures. It was perfect...praise God!!!

  5. She is georgous. Tell her I said so. What a great trip for everyone.


  6. Brings a smile to my face! You will never ever forget that trip and how it impacted all of you!

  7. You will always be so happy that you made that trip! Both of my grandmas (who both also happened to live in Michigan) passed away in the last few years. Cherish the memories.
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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