Monday, February 15, 2010

On Adventure

Long before children joined our family I knew I wanted them to come along. We spent a lot of time talking about them, dreaming about them and praying for them.
We went through the typical course when we got married; we married young and finished college. My husband found a terrific job in the same area before we graduated. We took the job and moved from our little apartment to a little rental home. All the while we were dreaming of those babes that were yet to be. We settled in and got comfortable. And a few months later we found out our first was on the way.
We were overjoyed, and ecstatic and so completely happy. Our son was born and soon (very soon) his sisters came bouncing along. It was all very fast.
And then one day I woke up and realized I was surrounded by diapers and snotty noses and tinker toys. I felt a little suffocated at times, thinking that this life was not the adventure I had hoped it would be. And ever since then I’ve felt it, the longing for adventure and for the times when it was just Zac and I. I’d watch our neighbors, who did not have children, run off on weekend trips and excursions. And I was envious. Because most of the time the life I was living felt anything like adventure.
And then one day I had a realization. I woke up and tickled and chased three kids around the house. We did our school work and explored the magical science of chocolate and candy making. We went to an art class and had ballet lessons. We took a long walk and found some cool little creatures along the way. We took family vacations to the coast and day trips to the nearby mountains. We ate way too much cake as we celebrated birthdays and other milestones.
And in the midst of this realization an epiphany came along, I was already living the adventure. I just hadn’t seen it because it looked different than I thought it should. I was spending a bit too much time focusing on what my perceptions were, and not enough time living in my life right now.
I’m really glad to be on this adventure, the one of rearing children and learning alongside them and exploring life together. Sure, it’s not like traveling to exotic locations but I think it’s even better. And I know that at some point in life, it will be just Zac and me. And we’ll be having adventures just the two of us. And when that time comes I’m guessing that I’ll feel pretty nostalgic for these days, the days of childhood and wonder.
And adventures; we’ve got plenty of ‘em right now.


  1. Gina,

    Thank you for sharing this! I have struggled with exactly what you are describing....thinking the adventure of life is outside in other parts of the world somewhere. What an incredible encouragement today to see the beautiful adventure of the everyday with our own family.

  2. Great epiphany, Gina!
    There have been times for me too where I've missed out on what was right in front of me because I didn't have God's vision for that hour, that day or that season. Thankful that he is the God of all time and we can ask him to give us his eyes for each new day!
    Love you!

  3. What a great post! I too have had moments where a feel suffocated by diaper changes and time outs, but I work hard to remind myself that this time is fleeting and this work is the most important I could be doing. It's so comforting to know that another woman shares a similar experience, and talks about it. That is the best kind of inspiration, so thanks for that.

  4. i am reading the happiness project right now which has that same epiphany - that happiness is NOW and not around the corner and how to maximize it and appreciate it right now - really inspiring.
    you have a beautiful family!

  5. Awesome post! This is the greatest adventure--most definitely.

  6. For some reason, reading this post brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it is because I LOVE being a mom at home and my nest is quickly getting empty. My three daughters are grown up and our baby, a 15 year old son, is about to turn 16, get his driver's license and before we know it, he will also be gone. I love that you are content being mom and all that includes, good, bad and ugly. It's such a cliche to say enjoy them at every age but it's true. Off to get a tissue now...

  7. As others have said, beautiful post. I'm so grateful to be living the life I've chosen! When people cluck and shake their heads sympathetically as I chase after a naked baby, waving a diaper, or cart a wailing 4-year-old to her bedroom for some alone time...I just smile to myself. These ARE the best days of my life!

  8. Thank you so much for this. It's been a rough day for me and this sums up how I am feeling - jealous. My life isn't where I thought it would be or how it should be. I don't want to look at the mom next to me in the grocery line or the lady down the street as a measure of how well my life is. I want to look at my daughter and how beautiful she is inside and out as my yard stick. I'm hoping that can get past that constant comparison and jealousy and be where you are soon.

  9. So cool Gina. It is one of life's best adventures and one of God's greatest gifts to us...our children, and for us now, our amazing grandchildren. I love that you are able to take a step back and see through God's eyes that you're really right where He wants you to be. Love you!!

  10. Well said! We're all living a piece of our own adventure, aren't we? I hope one day I am blessed with the adventure of kids, too!

  11. Gina, you are living the adventure, you and all of the other mom's that are raising their young ones. Where else can you go to be on an around the world adventure with Levi as he explores the jungles of Africa or the wonders of the Milky Way as he travels through his books and lets his imagination run wild. And then, five minutes later you get to sit down to tea with your two little princesses as they entertain a Polynesian Princess or soome important Queen, only to be interupted by Darth Vader. Wow! talk about adventure. Years later dad gets to dance with his two Cinderela's and you're introduce to two Knights in shining armour and then Darth Vader introduces you to his Princess and all of a sudden you have three very lovely daughters, and the adventure continues. Okay, I have to stop this while I can still see and my key bosrd is still dry. I love you my little adventurer. Dad

  12. Your timing is impeccable. I've been waxing nostalgic the last several weeks about life before kiddos. When it was just the two of us in our little apartment, how much fun it was to be a newlywed and have nothing to worry about but ourselves. Now, almost ten years later with three little souls that God has entrusted us with I've for some crazy reason been missing those early days of marriage. Just last night, I asked my hubby if he missed being a newlywed and he said right away, "No". "Really? You don't?", I asked. I have been missing it kinda and thought he was too. "No, I love my life. I love where we're at, I don't miss it and I want what we have right now", he said. Wow...he gets it. I get it too, but sometimes lose a bit of it and need to find it again. Found it by reading your post, thank you.

  13. Enjoy this adventure, though it may a bumpy ride at times. Our children are now 12 and 16 and they do grow fast. We are able to go out on dates, just the two of us, and we do have a bit more time alone together.


  14. I think you're a hero (or heroine, whatever you prefer) & your current adventure IS an incredible one. :)


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