Saturday, February 6, 2010

Real Life Valentines Day

Valentine’s day isn’t something we get too worked up for around here, my man’s birthday is the day before so most of our energy and time go into making his day absolutely rock. Because of this Valentine’s day is usually for the kids. But we do work at making it special.
We eat heart shaped and/or red food-it’s just more fun that way. Our hot chocolate has pretty sprinkles and a conversation heart on top of the whip cream. Our sandwiches are cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Dinner is special, and there is usually some sort of special desert, because chocolate isn’t just for grown-ups on Valentine’s day.
We decorate pretty simply, making sure we talk about love and the author of love-God himself.
This year we talked our way through 1 Corinthians 13 and all the things it says love is and is not: patient, kind, not rude, not self seeking, not proud. As we talked about this I challenged the kids to think about the characteristic of love that they thought they needed to be better at displaying. We talked about what it looks like to be kind and patient, and how to not be rude. I had each kid pick one trait to work on, and we wrote them down on little hearts. Each heart is hanging up below my coffee filter wreath as a reminder. Incidentally, I had one reader suggest dipping the edges of the filters in water color. I love that idea, thanks Sarah!
And I guess it’s not all about the kids, because I do work on making Valentine’s day (and the whole week) special for my man. With it being his birthday week I make sure he’s got everything he wants. I take a little extra time with my appearance, and usually wear something a little special. I want to make sure I’m extra hot, just for him. Cause I’m the only woman who is allowed, and supposed to be a hottie for him. And I love that. Oh, and we usually try to farm out the kids for a night around this time of year, so we can have special dinner at home. I think that’s enough said about that matter, ya’ll get the gist I’m sure.
Valentine’s day can be pretty special, and we realize we don’t need to spend much money on it or get super fancy. We work on creative ideas to make the day super fun for the kids-and the grown-ups too.
Do you go all out or do you keep Valentine’s day simple? I’d love to hear how you celebrate.


  1. what cute decorations! Thanks so much for your encouragement! I can see that you are a wise woman!

  2. Love this post. I hope you have a great time with your hubbie. Great to hear that you make this time extra special for him. We are supposed to be our husband's only hotties and it is easy to forget in the day to day. I have been trying to be mindful of that more and more.



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