Friday, March 12, 2010

A House that tells a Story

I love little bits and pieces of my home, those special place that tell a story. They have meaning and history.
Those little places are special because no one else has them.
No one else has pictures of my grandparents on the wall.
No one else has a little Alaskan guy that once lived in the office of Zac’s grandpa.
No one else has a peanut that once took up residence on my grandma’s coffee table, it’s sole purpose to hold chocolate kisses or coffee nips.
I love these things about home because they are special just for me and my family. I love that they tell a story and have meaning.
My home should be very personal, and these little corners make them special and unique for my family.
What little pieces of your history do have hanging around at your house?


  1. I completely agree with you! I love having things in my home that remind me of loved ones, especially those no longer here with me. I have my grandmother's milk glass and pink depression glass collections, lots of old books from both grandmothers, and lots of other trinkets like jewelery, holiday decor, etc. My husband's grandfather was a pro-boxer, and we have all of his old equipment (gloves, robe, shoes, etc.) and we display them in our home. And of course, we have lots of old pics. All of it means so much to us, and makes our home unique.

  2. I love making sure my home is personal, and has personality. The kind that reflects the people that live in it. Your treasures make your home your own and they are lovely!!

  3. Those are definitely what makes a house a home.

  4. Such special pieces! I like to have reminders of loved ones around my house, too. So inspiring!!


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