Friday, March 19, 2010

Inspired by Sunshine

Spring always brings such promise.  The hope of bright, sunny days with a fresh breeze blowing through your sparkling clean windows; and carefree bike rides to the park with some sort of fresh flower in your bike basket.  Right, isn’t that what spring looks like in your house?
No?  Well, not mine either.  The windows are streaked (and for that matter so have the kids), the bike has a flat and there are no fresh flowers growing in yard.  Not yet anyway.
So when the bright sunshine made its way into my smudgy windows and highlighted the crumbs and dust all around my kitchen counters I had to get busy. 
I moved some things around, just so I could dust.  Then I did what always leads to a long afternoon of wandering around the house with random home decor in my hand-I thought what if that silly I-pod dock was somewhere else?  You see, it was in the corner of my kitchen counter, taking up valuable space.  It seemed like something better could be done. 
So I moved stuff around, I took stuff off, and added stuff in and cleaned everything else.  When it was all said and done my kitchen was a touch updated, well at least one little corner.
Before there was a giant tower of fruit, that despite providing nourishing snacks for the family was always in the way.
Now there is sunshine and little place for me to enjoy it.  Shhh, don’t tell the kids I’m having my afternoon snack on the counter.  It’s the only spot of sun I can find in the house right now.
Now, I’m off to chase more sunshine and flowers-inspired by the knowledge that spring is just around the corner. 
I don’t care that my spring break forecast calls for rain, if it does you know where you’ll find me:  on the counter, praying for sun.
What’s inspiring you?
I’m sharing with Melissa at the Inspired Room Today.


  1. I love moving things around to freshen up the house, especially at Springtime. Making room for sunshine as part of your decorating is a very inspiring idea!!

  2. Simply sweet post!

    Happy weekend.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  3. On my way to Bible study this morning, the sky was perfectly clear and the sun was AWAKE and rejuvenating as it came across my windshield. It was WONDERFUL. That totally inspired me.

    And, are you having apples and dipping them in peanut butter??? Cause that's my favorite and I eat it on the counter, too :-)

  4. Cute. Inspired. Sun-shiny. Nice!

  5. When the sun begins to shine I want to see some color when I look out the I planted some pansies in the ceramic planter on our deck...then had to put some on the front porch too. It's just a small bit of color but that will hold me until the deer leave and it quits freezing.
    And I'm not sitting on the counter but standing in front of the heater eating my rice cake spread with peanut butter and sliced apples :)

  6. When the sun shines here in the PNW I want to buy paint, de-clutter, clean and bring spring into my house and yard! Oh to find the time! love that you are sitting on the counter! houses are for living! he he! I love catching my kids on counters! Lovely blog! new follower!


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