Monday, March 29, 2010

A Momentary Pause

Sometimes life lacks proper balance, sometimes there are too many distractions, sometimes it’s hard to focus on the most important things.

I need to get my focus back, I need to get back to basics this week:  family and schooling and life.  So I’ll be taking a week off from this wonderful blogging world, and taking a step back from technology in general. 

Have a wonderful week!  See you on Sunday.


  1. good for you! hope you have a very blessed week!

  2. Hope you enjoy your break and that you all have a blessed and enjoyable day celebrating the ressurection of our savior!

    When you get back, I have a little something for you:)

  3. I took a momentary pause myself this past week. Enjoy your break, I'm glad you're able to see when you need it, re-group and re-prioritize. So important. I'll look forward to seeing you when you get back :-)


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