Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Gratitudes

1.  Spring-and some real spring like weather yesterday.  This didn’t last, this morning dawned cloudy with a chance of rain and tomorrow the “s” word is in the forecast.  No, not that word, snow.  But “s” is kind of how I feel about it.
2.  Blueberry muffins, yummy and wholesome and totally gone.  They were good while they lasted.
3.  New paint, as in my long awaited bedroom redo is finally happening.  I’m sure you’ll be hearing (and seeing) all about it soon. 
4.  Spring break, I love this whole home school thing-I really do.  But I’m so ready for a lesson free week, so I can, um-paint.
5.  Those little plastic popcorn cups from the dollar spot at Target.  Really, these things have been a big deal around here.  Who knew that one buck would make one child so happy?
6.  Good friends, I know we’ve all got em.  I’m especially grateful for weekly Saturday morning coffee with my two best gals.  I love them and the perspective they bring to my life.
7.  Decorating magazines, this must be because I’m redoing our master bedroom.  But it seems I can’t get enough inspiration from so many great magazines.
8.  Provision, as in being able to pay bills and having a bit extra to buy some fun things.
9.  A clean house, and the ten minutes that it lasts.  Ten minutes of clean is better than none at all.
10.  And finally, I had to list ten today because of my gratefulness for completing my first double digit run.  Ten miles, one hour and thirty four minutes, 850 calories, an average pace of 9:24 per mile and a really cool Garmin to tell me all these stats. 
What are you grateful for today?


  1. Great post Gina, this is an especially important time of year to recognize what we are grateful for.

    I'm grateful that God is persistant. I am grateful for God's grace. I am grateful for my children's laughter. I am grateful that Jesus is making a home in my children's hearts. I am grateful for a Husband that loves me "more than I'll ever know". I am grateful for a family that "gets" me. I am grateful for praise music. I am grateful for people like you that cause me to pause and reflect on what I'm grateful for, thank you.

  2. You're awesome!!! I just love you so much... I'm grateful for you and your inspiration


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