Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Being Content with Home

Some of you know that I took a bit of a break last week.  I needed some time off from this wonderful world of blogging to renew my perspective. 
You see, before I took that break I started to notice something interesting happening with my attitude and my thoughts concerning my home.  It all started innocently enough.  Browsing for ideas and inspiration for our master bedroom redo led to me to all sorts of ideas for my entire home.  Pretty soon I was redoing my entire home, at least mentally.
I noticed this major lack of contentment with how my home looked, even though it really looks just fine.  So I pulled back and stopped looking for inspiration, realizing that I already had everything I need to make my room just right.
And in all this I got to thinking about how easy it is to compare ourselves to others.  We look at the way others decorate their homes and think that we can do that too.  Or we see how other parents are with their children and wonder why we can’t be so kind or patient.  Maybe we notice another couple’s wonderful marriage and ask why ours is sometimes a wreck.  That line of thinking rarely leads to a good outcome, and constantly comparing ourselves with others can lead to such disappointment and frustration with our lives.  It’s that greener grass thing.  And I think we all know that on the other side the grass still needs to mowed, fertilized, watered and sometimes have the doggy poo removed.
In comparing myself to others, at least on a decorators level, I miss the wonderful fact that God made me who I am and there is no one like me.  Because there is no other family just like mine no one else will have my children’s wonderful art on the walls, or my children’s ideas on how their rooms should look.  No one else has the same scuffed kitchen table as mine, the one with our daughter’s name scratched on the top. 
And in all other areas of life comparing myself to others causes me to use others as mirror to reflect who I should be.  I should have no other mirror but God, and when I scrutinize my life I should do so with the thought of reflecting God in all I do.
Honestly, my obsessive thoughts about my home were totally out of line.  But how often do we get so caught up with what others are doing that we forget that we need to be true to ourselves and who God made us to be?
I want my focus to be on God alone, and how he made me.  Not my neighbor, not my sister, not the blogger down the street.  How about you?
(Does this sound familiar?  It seems like God has a theme lately-I’m going to listen better this time.  Check out this post for more on this idea.)


  1. wow, you just described my mindset. I am taking a mini-blog break too, but only because I don't have a giant backlog of (completed) projects to post about...

    My Google Reader gets the best of me. I am shutting off now!!


  2. I have caught myself doing this alot lately and this post really hit home for me. I am not a blogger myself but I do enjoy reading and LEARNING from others so thank you for really "shaking me awake" on this one!!

    Plant City

  3. Amen! I can totally identify with what you are saying....have actually been there myself this week! Thanks for the much needed reminder!

  4. yes. amen. so true. I needed to hear that today.

  5. i totally hear ya. but praise god for the holy spirit and that convicting pull we all get when we start to stray . . . it's just another testimony of his patience and grace with us.

    know that someone is praying for you in this area . . . i know that i'm doing the same for myself!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, I can relate in SO many ways. We all can! It is WAY too easy for even something as innocent and fun as blogging, or looking for design ideas online to become sin. The enemy will find ANY WAY HE CAN to pull us away from where we need to be.

    Thanks for being so transparent. A reminder to pull back, cling to God's word, and get dressed for the daily battle. I needed to hear your words this morning :-)

  7. What a wonderful post...thanks for this :)

  8. I've heard that we as Christians will always strugle with contentment on some level. Being that we're not "home". Since we're not "of this world" we're always yearning for our heavenly home in some way. Hence, the discontentment with what we have here on earth.

  9. There is a real strength and freedom that comes from learning how to be content. And you are so right, there are so many distractions that would draw us out of simply being...That's a good and timely word...seems I am needing more than a week, though :)
    Love you!

  10. I really appreciate this post. I have been going through something very similar these last few weeks. We've had company that have never been to our house before and I've been obsessing about cleaning/decorating it. I thought about painting & stuff, but then I realized that this is who I am. If it's what God has given me & I'm content with it, then it shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. And you know what? I found that others don't like me because of what I have, but who I am! :)


  11. So refreshing! Thanks for saying what many of us feel.

  12. I'm stopping over from Heather's site and wanted to say "hi" This post was one of the ones at the bottom saying "you might also like" and it jumped out at me. I have felt this way so many times, and in fact felt this exact same way TODAY about mothering! I wrote a post about it in fact. I am giving it up to God though because He created me and He chose me to be my kids mom, and He knows what he is doing. So I just need to stop with the comparisons and be happy and content with the blessings I have and how I mother. Great blog BTW!


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