Thursday, April 29, 2010

Confessions of a Compulsive Furniture Mover

Sometimes a little change is needed, and when we don’t want (or need) to buy anything new moving the furniture is a great solution.
I grew up with a mom who was constantly moving furniture around-it seemed like a monthly occurrence. I’m sure it wasn’t, but it was frequent and I loved it. I loved the change and the new perspective of sitting in the same chair in a different place. It was cool. And mom is cool like that. So I’ve decided I want to be cool like that too.
So I move furniture. Not very often because a small room and a sectional make it tough. There’s only so much you can do with a huge L shaped couch. And a fireplace with a t.v. above it.
But that’s okay-I’m good with a seasonal change, even though about monthly I am switching accessories or things on the wall. Hmm, maybe that’s hormonal?
So here’s the winter version of the room. Partially obscured window, dark rug, cartwheeling kid.
And here’s the Christmas version, looking into the room from our front door. Yeah, I know it’s a Christmas picture but it’s all a I had. You get the idea.
So one day I say to the kids, “let’s move some furniture!” They scream with glee because they know they’ll find long lost toys under the couch, and perhaps a few discarded fruit snacks.
Levi grabs the camera and tries to document the whole affair. He doesn’t realize it’s on manual focus. But you can still get that they are in fact screaming with glee.
And then it’s all said and done and the room is clean and mom is tired and thinking “why on earth did I attempt this with three kids underfoot?” Oh, I know, it’s because they actually helped me roll up the carpet and move it out.
So here it is today, right now, temporarily clean. And I like it. Next month? Who knows…..

An inspiring simple switch creates a new look, love that.
I'm sharing with Melissa at The Inspired Room today.


  1. My mom was sooo like that too and both my sister and I inherited that from her. Drives my husband bonkers!

  2. Hello, my name is Debbie, and I too am a compulsive furniture mover. Seriously, it seems like I'm changing something up every other week or so. But it really does give the room a whole new feel! And like you said, doesn't cost a thing.

  3. I just love all of your documentation. The dogs in the picture, the cutie shouting in glee! Just perfect and changing the furniture makes it feel like a new space. I just might do that today! :)

  4. I don't switch things up very often but lately I've been looking at our living room, wondering how it would look if I moved furniture. Then I get tired just thinking about it! lol

    I enjoyed seeing the photos of the changes you made.


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