Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Going my Own Pace

So Sunday is a big day for me, one I’ve been planning for the last sixteen weeks.  It’s been such a big deal that it’s totally restructured my days, my schedule and even my diet.  On Sunday I will be running in a half marathon.
I remember when running a mile seemed nearly impossible.  I remember when I thought that I wasn’t a real runner.  I remember when I realized that I was a real runner.  As I’ve been training for this very big event I’ve been reminded many times over that I need to run my own race.  I need to stick with what I know, and run the way I run.  Not the other runners I see along the trail, not the folks I read about in Runner’s World, not even my friends who are runners themselves.  This thing on Sunday is totally for me, and I need to focus on my own race and my own pace.  I need to go at my own speed.
As Sunday gets closer I realize that going on my own pace applies to lots of other areas in life.  Lately I’ve found homeschooling to be a struggle.  I’ve found myself looking at how other are doing school and feeling like I don’t really measure up.  Or feeling like I need to do school the way other moms I know do, and I’m trying different schedules and different routines and getting caught up too much on what are others are doing.  And in that I’m missing my students.  I’m missing that they’ve got their own pace and this teacher needs to teach to her students-not anyone else’s.
Sometimes in life it’s really to easy to focus to much on what are others are doing and miss what we’re supposed to be doing.  Maybe it’s how others keep house, or home school their kids, or just about anything else; we watch others and see how they do things.  We wonder why we do things differently, we think maybe they’ve got something figured out that we don’t.  So we try different things and we force ourselves into different routines and then end up miserable because it’s not us.  At least I do that.  And it’s led to some frustration in our home, because I’m too busy trying what’s working for others that I can’t figure out what’s working for me.  I need to figure out my own pace.
So this week I’m totally slowing down in the home school arena-just to figure out a better routine, a better way to flow at my own pace.  I’ve got to do what works for me, I’ve got to run my own race in life (and on Sunday).  When I do that I’ll be happier, I’ll feel less stress and I’ll be at peace.  And the cool part is that everyone in my house will be that way too.  Just like on race day if I don’t run my own race I just might end up hurting myself, or at least making things much harder by burning myself out too soon. 
This week I’ll be listening to this guy and his sisters, and listening to myself-and running my race my own way.
“…and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  Hebrews 12:1


  1. This is such a good post with such an important message. We can ALL relate.

    I am so happy for you for running your first half. I wish I was there with you!!! BUT, as I run at my own pace, I will get there in due time and it will be great.

  2. Great words Gina, very timely too. I too struggle with using others as my yardstick by which to measure myself and my successes, not a good idea as you know.

    Especially true with homeschooling and my kids progress. Worrying about if they are on par with other kids their age, if they are performing at the same level. Not celebrating the successes they do make, unless it's the ultimate goal as opposed to a step in the right direction.

    Really struggling with issues surrounding what "normal" is. Hard to seperate what society expects from "normal" people vrs. the personal best that each child is capable of. Not worrying about what others might think or say, just concentrating on what my child can do and what their heart is saying.

    Thank you for your post, supporting and encouraging more than you know.


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