Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes

Today I'm grateful. Grateful for a restful day. Grateful for a visit from parents. Grateful for my mama's laptop since ours is seriously ill. Grateful for an entire week with family. Grateful that the pesky half marathon is just three weeks from today. Grateful for a fun night with our youth group.

Grateful for so much. Quirky kids, silly dogs, and a yummy fresh baked treat tonight.

Life is good. Life is full and rich and leaves me happy. Even when the computer isn't working, and the contents of the hard drive might be gone forever. (Choosing not to deal with that one right now!)

What are you grateful for?

And yeah, no picture today for you-everything is being held hostage by a grumpy laptop that up and quit.


  1. So sorry about your laptop! Mine up and quite a few months ago and took everything with it :-( I hope you can at least retrieve your pictures!!!

    I am grateful for:
    -a full night's sleep (although lastnight wasn't one of them).
    -a really good run (yay! for your upcoming marathon. I can't wait to run my first)
    -my wonderful, understanding and patient hubby :-)

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. There must be a bad virus going around because you're the third blog I've read today where the owner mentioned a laptop crashing or being held hostage by a bug.

    Gratitude is the best cure for so many things. Thanks for sharing yours.


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