Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dizzying Perspective

Sometimes in the middle of a day where the whining level is high and the obedience level is low something happens to put things in the right perspective for a mom.
An innocent question, asked by a child doing chores with his sister.  A question that puts a lump in a mom’s throat and makes her realize that sometimes she focuses too much on the wrong thing, and she misses the most important thing.
“Mom, when I’m 20 how old will Cayden be?”
“She’ll be eighteen.”
“Oh, so that means when I’m 30 she’ll be 28?”
And instantly this mom’s perspective shifts.  I forget about the frustrations of the day and want to just hold them close for a few minutes, to stop the slipping away of time.  But of course, I can’t do this.  No one can.
Here’s what I can do:  I can make the most of the days I have with them now, because I know someday the time will come when they are older and out of the nest and on their own.  I can let go of petty frustrations and respond in love to their disobedience, respond in gentleness when they test the limits.  I can choose to be a big girl and let go of my right to be in control as a mom, my right to always to be right.
Because when it comes down to it, I am not in control.  But I know who is.  And he is the one who can help me through the frustrating days; who helps me respond in love and kindness, because I learn these things from him.  I know I cannot be a good parent on my own, I need God’s help and perspective daily.  And sometimes I just need to listen to the things he allows me to hear out of my kids’ mouths.  I’m grateful for the perspective shifters.

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  1. I'm so with you. There are so many days that I need God's help in a desperate way. Days that I just need to let go of my selfish expectations and think like the mind of my little one's. What gets me back on track right now is not the things that they are saying (they're 2 & 9 months), but their sweet and gentle actions. Thanks for sharing this.


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