Friday, May 14, 2010

Inspired by Flowers on the Front Porch

In all honesty, I was inspired by something I saw somewhere in blogland, but I can’t remember when or where.

I wanted a tallish planter on our front porch, like a giant urn or something like that.  Unfortunately giant urns come with giant price tags, so that wasn’t gonna happen here.

So I went out and bought two terra cotta planters, one I already had on hand.  I grabbed a can of Krylon spray paint.  And I got to work.  DSC_0005

Each planter got a fresh coat of paint.  The largest planter on the bottom got filled with empty pop cans so it wasn’t too heavy, and some dirt.  And all of them got filled with flowers.  I choose a geranium up top, something that wouldn’t spill too much in the middle and one to cascade down in the bottom.



Now my front porch is ready to greet guests this summer, and my wallet still has some cash left in it. 

I’m sharing with Melissa at the Inspired Room today.


  1. I'm working on making one of these too! I did one with green plastic pots, but I'm spraying another one. Saw it on Soft Place to Land's DIY day - too cute!

  2. very pretty! I saw one like it highlighted from Kimba's (a soft place to land) DIY day as well!

  3. so cute and i love that you filled the base with soda cans instead of all soil. very clever and definitely very inspiring!!

  4. I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!


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