Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Positive Thinking

I love this girl. I love her happy attitude and her upbeat outlook on life. I love how she’s always looking at the bright side, and ready to crack a joke to make someone smile. She’s a bundle of happiness and always seems to see the good in the midst of the bad. I really appreciated this outlook at 2 this morning, in the midst of being sick she looked at me with a radiant smile and said, “Soon I’ll feel better, soon my tummy will stop hurting.” I wish I had her outlook sometimes, the ability to find the positive in the midst of the negative.
Life throws us some doozies sometimes (like illness in the middle of the night) but when you can look at those doozies with a smile, they don’t seem too bad. A positive outlook can carry a person pretty far.
Sometimes I marvel at the wonder of parenthood, a job where it would seem I’m supposed to be the teacher. But so often I’m the one being taught. I’m pretty grateful for those lessons and the cute little people they come from.
I'm sharing with Chatting at the Sky today.


  1. what an amazing attitude she has! i hope she IS feeling better soon.

  2. oh, what a cutie. and what lessons they teach us, those wise little ones...

  3. I love that girl, too. She is darling and I bet just like her Mama!


  4. How sweet she is and I needed this gentle reminder today!

  5. Oh my goodness... what a precious little girl. How can you not help but see the positive when looking into those beautiful eyes!

  6. You're so right -- motherhood is full of lessons, often learned in reverse.

    What a blessed paradox.


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