Friday, June 11, 2010

Adding Turquoise (A Lamp Redone)

It’s summer and that makes me crave beachy colors and fills me with a longing for a bit more turquoise in my life.  Because we live nowhere near the ocean I have to improvise to get my fix.
Enter a humble can of Ocean Breeze spray paint.
It turned this thrift store lamp into something special.
The fresh flowers add a nice touch.
Add a blue pillow and our favorite handmade quilt; because although it is summer time the temperatures around here don’t really reflect that, yet.
Add it all up and we’ve got one nice and happy place to sit.
Here’s the look before.

I know, it’s pretty blah.
But now, it’s just right.
From here I can survey the kids in the backyard while they play and can keep an eye (or two) on the front door.  Once the mercury rises I’m sure I’ll be out in my other favorite place to sit, a comfy spot in the sun on (what else?) a blue chair.
Do you crave colors like I do? 


  1. I love the turquoise! It brings such cheer into a room.
    I'm always impressed with your painting bravery. Chris just surprised me with a few antique-y items he found at a yard sale. One piece was an already painted Victorian style coffee table with a glass top. The finish was kind of yucky so we decided to take on our first furniture paint!

    So off we went to Home Depot and bought the stuff we'd need. OUr color choice? Beautiful rich purple. So, he sanded it tonight and will prime and paint tomorrow! hurray! I'll be sure to show you a picture of our first furniture paint venture! :) You're a good inspiration, Gina!

  2. i adore turquoise. it makes me feel happy and someone told me it's the color of creativity. maybe that's why i love it so much.

    i like how you added the little birdie to the fireplace and the teacups to the candle holder. so unique and inspiring!

  3. I love how a few simple changes and pops of color really tansformed the space.

  4. Love it! I am SO not brave when it comes to adding bright accent color to our house. I wish I was more brave! I might have to do something fun like this in our guest room!


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