Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Summer Treat

I know summer officially started yesterday, and thankfully the weather must have gotten the message that it’s time to warm up. 
The heat has finally woken up my peonies.  I love these, even though the tag said they would be pink. I love their big enormous, beautiful blooms just the same.
Around here we also love chocolate and finding new ways to beat the heat.  Our newest favorite is frozen hot chocolate.
Just make hot chocolate like you normally would but make a gluttonous amount of it.  Pour some into ice cube molds and chill the rest for later.  Once the heat gets the best of you (and your melting children) blend up those frozen cubes with the chilled chocolate and serve up a refreshing treat.  Whipped cream and sprinkles are mandatory.

So are a few happy girls with their yummy treat.
DSC_0006 DSC_0005
How do you beat the heat?


  1. I've had this recipe foreva and I haven't tried it once! Thanks for bringing it back to memory!

  2. yummy!! what an easy idea. we've got to try that.

  3. Umm...YUM!!! Those frozen hot chocolate drinks look great! Thanks for sharing the 'recipe.' :) The girls obviously enjoyed them. And the peonie is absolutely gorgeous. It looks huge!

  4. I AM planting peonies next year! I must!
    I purchased some yummy looking "gourmet" hot chocolate a few weeks ago (thinking this is silly, it's too hot!) so this was the perfect post for me. We won't have to wait until cool nights to use it all up! Thanks!

  5. Oh I am SOOO making this! Yummmmy!

  6. Oh. Wow. I have been known to drink hot chocolate in the sweltering heat of July just because I love it so much- how great to know that I don't have to sweat while drinking it! :)


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