Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Tablescape for Real Life

Lately we have people over often, and at least once a week those folks are coming to eat.  Most of the time I don’t worry to much about the table.  As long as it’s clean and there’s room for food I’m good with that. 
But today was rainy and dreary and not very June-like so I decided that I needed fresh flowers.  I bought the two cheapest bunches I could find and then arranged them in a pretty milk glass bowl.  To make the flowers stand up I put three small cups inside the bowl.  I lit a few candles and called it good.
Because, honestly in real life an elaborate tablescape sounds really nice but just doesn’t work for me.  I guess if I had a separate dining table to make pretty that would be different.  But there’s a lot of life that happens around our kitchen table.  As I’m getting ready for guests I don’t want to be a mean mom to my kids, getting short with them for messing things up or making room for their newest coloring book.  And I don’t take want to take up space they’ll want for creating art or other things.  I love having guests in my home, but I always try to remember that we live here too.
And then when it really comes down to it, I need the time I saved by creating a simple table setting to clean and pick up dirty socks.
And that’s truly real life, setting a table for my guests and making a clear path from the front door-one where they won’t be tripping over those dirty socks and scattered books.  Entertaining and hospitality and real life always collide for my family, and we do our best to make sure there’s a happy balance between all three.  The best thing we do to keep that balance is to keep things simple. 
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  1. Love your centerpiece idea!! Stop by and link up to my Centerpiece Wednesday link up party and share you idea!

  2. Love it! Your flowers are beautiful.

  3. Your centerpiece is very lovely! Most of the time I don't use one either.

  4. Love the two colors you choose! It looks so vibrant and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards,


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