Monday, July 12, 2010

A birthday, a castle cake and getting back to regular life

This little gal is turning four this week.  Gulp.
She desperately wanted the castle cake she saw in a magazine.  I did the best I could to deliver it, in a super hot kitchen and then transport it to the river where she always wants to celebrate her birthday.
It’s crazy to me that my baby is nearly four.  I think it’s pretty unfair how fast they grow, but I do know I love each stage-even when I’m missing those sweet baby years.
So we decided to celebrate early while my parents were here for a visit.  They spent all week watching our kiddos while we spent all week hanging with some awesome teenagers at youth camp.  By the time we got home Friday I’m not sure who was more tired, Zac and me or my parents. 
Today they began their drive home and I finally got through Mt. Laundry and a some other catch up things-like bills and sleep.  I’m thinking we’re going to be getting back to summer normal around here and I really like that.  For all it’s amazing activities, summer is so very busy sometimes.  This week I plan on some slowing down and some savoring.  Savoring the heat, savoring the sight of the kids running through the sprinklers and savoring the mad dash for change when the ice cream truck rolls by.
What are you enjoying during your long summer days?


  1. Awww perfect! You're such a good mom and that cake is so CUTE...perfect for a girl! <3

  2. Wow, Gina, you did an amazing job on the castle birthday cake! I love it! Happy Birthday to your baby! We've been a little out of sorts since the holiday weekend, I also have to tackle Mt. Laundry. I'm obviously very excited about it, as I'm here...procrastinating :p Have a great week!

  3. What an awesome cake, your daughter looks like she loved it!

    Things we've been savoring this summer: pj days, swimming in the backyard, night drives (we've been on some beautiful ones lately), twin popsicles, smelling like sunscreen, hotel mini-vacations and playing at the park right before bedtime.

  4. Her cakes is so great! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

    I'm looking to do a little savoring of summer to because my son starts kindergarten a little less than a month. ugh!


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