Friday, July 2, 2010

Refreshing Accessories

Every season it seems like the accessories around my house need a bit of refreshing. I usually pull everything off and pile it on the floor. I dust and clean and sneeze my way to a new look.
On the ladder shelf I added shells, even though we live nowhere near the beach. It’s just a summery thing to do. This time I focused on whites and glass, with some blue.
I couldn’t resist using my old vintage fan.
I focused on white and clear this time around.
And I made sure to include this guy, a memento from Zac’s grandpa.
Repurposed strawberry baskets on top of candle holders add a bit more blue.
DSC_0008-1 DSC_0065 DSC_0063
Ladder shelf before:
Ladder shelf after:
I also redid the hutch, here it is before:
hutch after:
(okay this one doesn’t seem too different, but it needed some serious dusting!)
Thank goodness for the change in seasons, otherwise I might not ever get the house properly dusted!
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  1. i love that you used a strawberry pint. sooo cute! i think i would buy strawberries just for that sweet container!! mine just come in boring clear plastic. not nearly as inspiring.


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