Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What to Do with Lettuce

Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce everywhere.  Our recent hot weather sent me running to the garden to harvest the last of my lettuce and spinach before it bolted.  I picked two sinkfuls of wonderful green stuff.  Then I was left with question of what to do with it all.
I cleaned it really good and spun it dry in my salad spinner.  Then I placed it on a layer of paper towels to dry.  Once it was dry I bagged it up in zipper bags with a paper towel to absorb any extra moisture.  Now I’ve got seven bags of lettuce to eat and share with my neighbors.
I think it will make up for the gobs of zucchini that I’ll be giving out very soon….
We’ve also got beets, lots and lots of beets.  I’ve never liked beets, until I had them fresh.  They are so very good.  I’ve been roasting the beets in foil on the grill and then quickly sautéing the greens with olive oil and garlic.  Even better is when it’s topped with caramelized onions.  I’m also fixing to try pickling them, for my pickled beet loving boys. 
Do you have a garden and what do you do when it overflows?

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  1. Lettuce is wonderful stir-fried! It sounds odd, but it tastes milder than most greens that we throw in the wok.


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