Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Bench that took the Long Way Home

Last week I mentioned a wall that got painted in the midst of our desk and project blitz.  It was a wall that has been begging to be painted for a long, long time now.  It was even sitting ready for paint for most of the summer.  My poor neglected (ugly) wall finally got a fresh coat of paint in anticipation of the arrival of a new bench.
First, here’s the space:
2010 08 20_0482
And here is what it looked like before this project, minus the Christmas decorations because I’m too forgetful to take before pictures before I actually begin a project but have to comb through my archives to give you a glimpse of what I started with (if you’re interested and all):
So, on to the bench.  Well, first about the table.  We (I mean, I) found it at Goodwill last December and fell in love with it’s rustic charm and narrow footprint.  I quickly snatched it up impulsively checked with Zac, as I should with all major purchases, and then with much thought and consideration bought the table. 
Fast forward a month to a long trip to Michigan where we stayed at an empty home next to my aunt’s house, well empty except for the owner’s possessions and a basement full of treasures.  It was seriously a junk/antique finders dream.  And there, nestled in a corner of the basement was this bench.
2010 08 20_0472
I knew I had to have it, I knew it would match our kitchen table, I knew I had no idea where I would put it and I knew I had absolutely no way to get all the way across the country back home.  But then my parents planned a cross country trip, by car (well, Ford Explorer).  This trip happened to almost coincide with an estate sale at that very same house, and through the generosity of a wonderful aunt and my parents’ clever packing in the Ford Explorer the bench ended up here in our home.  It sat in the playroom for a while but once the school desks came into our lives we knew the bench had to find a new home.  Slowly the plan was hatched, much furniture was moved and now the bench sits (appropriately so) by the table. 
2010 08 20_0469
It is just lovely. 
And then we bought the cool chairs at Target, love these.  Love the mix of modern and old and all, and I love that they’re easy to clean and lightweight and best of all-comfortable!
2010 08 20_0467
And I think it makes for a happy little place for our happy little family to spill milk and have breakfast and play games and spill juice and sneak food to the dog from under the table.
Mismatched and all.
2010 08 20_0475


  1. So, so pretty!!! Love the colors, too:)

  2. I love the fresh colours in your kitchen. The bench and the story of it's journey to your home is lovely.

  3. This is such a lovely and fresh kitchen makeover--bravo!

  4. Gina, I've been wanting to get some of those chairs forever to go with my rustic pine table. Now I'm going to have to SERIOUSLY be on the lookout for some deals. Seems like they'd clean up really easily! Lovely, lovely kitchen my friend. : )


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