Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Constancy of Shoes

2010 08 24_0488
It’s inevitable, like the rising sun or the changing of the tides or a monthly longing for all things chocolate.  The need for new shoes always comes.  For some it comes sooner than others, and some choose to let shoes wear out their welcome.
Once upon a time, for a five year old gal, sparkly shoes were the norm.  They were welcomed with love and smiles and unabashed glee.  And then they stayed, almost like those guests who just don’t know when to say goodbye.  They stay, until a mother notices toes sticking up from those sparkly shoes.  The toes remind me that it’s time to go shopping.  So we head to Target, the choice place to purchase sparkly shoes. 
2010 08 24_0491
And then it happens, right there in the middle of the sparkly shoes and grown up girl shoes.  A five year old girl makes a choice, she passes by the sparkly shoes with nary a glance and snatches up the black ballet flats.  There in the midst of Target I find myself swallowing a lump in my throat. 
Are you sure?  Are those really the ones you want?  What about these sparkly ones?  The answer is no.  And so we purchase the modest ballet flats.  And another milestone passes.
2010 08 24_0493
Well, at least the littlest gal still goes for sparkles.  At least for now.
2010 08 24_0486
And the propensity for wearing out shoes?  I guess she comes by it naturally.
2010 08 21_0590

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