Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Desk that Launched 1000 Projects

This is the desk (well, one of three) that has affected nearly every room in our home.
2010 08 11_0402 It has caused a ripple effect of projects, like a cascade of dominoes all around us.
It all started when a local elementary school was tearing down a wing, and with it everything inside.  (Okay, side note here-I don’t understand why it is acceptable to destroy perfectly good things like desks or chalkboards or chairs simply because the school is being rebuilt.  Especially when school budgets are so very tight.  It seems like such a waste of resources to do away with perfectly good things.  Okay, it’s off my chest, on to the rest of the story.)
So when we heard that there might just be desks for the taking we rushed to the school, hoping to beat the bulldozer.  I was told that I had to go around the fence and stay clear of the construction zone and to hurry, so I could really beat the bulldozer.  I contemplated grabbing one the kid’s dress up hard hats but thought twice about it.  Might look silly with my sundress.
Once the desks were home we were faced with dilemma of what to do with the desks, or really-where to put the desks.  We have a bonus room upstairs, that was the only option.  But the poor room was already totally full.  After stewing about for a while we came up with a solution.
2010 08 11_0403 It involved moving furniture out and building in a desk.  It also included moving a large piece of furniture upstairs and a bench downstairs.  The bench going downstairs resulted in the relocation of a large desk downstairs, and somewhere along the way a wall got painted.  Whew.
2010 08 11_0407 The dust has settled and barring any disasters I’ll be painting some things this weekend and putting the final details on our new school room.  A school room, don’t you love the sound of that?  Well, if you’re a homeschooling mom (or dad) you might.  And get this, if we can get it up stairs (which my amazing husband is pretty confidant we can) our school room will also have a 12 foot long chalkboard.  Squeal!
2010 08 11_0410 So all I can give ya today is a few sneak peeks, it’s coming together and tomorrow I should be slapping some paint around, it’s called Jaded Janet.  Isn’t that funny?  It matches the pipe you see above.  I can’t wait to get it all done.
2010 08 11_0408 And let me just say, I gotta give some major props to my man for spending an entire day off work building me a desk and shelves.  I really couldn’t have done this without him!
Stay tuned for the rest of the story…….
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  1. It's funny how a single project or item turns into so many! Now, show us more! Those teaser photos and your story make me want to see more, more, more!


  2. No wonder I haven't heard from you since Thursday...I knew you were moving desks "around" I didn't know you embarked on a. major new school room Can't wait to see it all finished...


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