Friday, August 20, 2010

The School Room

In all it’s glory and imperfections, the school room is done (well, nearly). Here’s a little tour of the place.2010 08 20_0453 Coming in from the hallway you’ll notice the large chalkboard, all 12 feet of it. I love it, and the kids think it’s pretty cool too. You might spot the missing letters above the chalkboard; it seems that one missed the package, or I missed it when unpacking it. Either way, we’ll be fixing that.2010 08 20_0457 The aerial view, if you count me standing on a chair as aerial. We plan on moving out the loveseat and moving in some beanbags, someday.2010 08 20_0458This is the desk that Zac built, that sits in the school room and holds lots of stuff. This is the desk that Zac built, made from mostly repurposed materials from an old hardware store. This is the desk that Zac built, that I love and will use often. 2010 08 20_0460 And a few more shots, for your enjoyment.2010 08 20_0461 2010 08 20_0450 It is so exciting to us to have this room, and we are so very grateful for our free finds that made this possible. And we are so glad to have our very own school room, I know not many homeschoolers have this and so I’m appreciative of it. I think (hopefully) we’ll be much more productive and organized having a dedicated space, instead of using the kitchen table. I’m feeling blessed to have this room. It’s not something we really needed, I know that we could do school just as fine without the student desks and honkin’ big chalkboard. But I am grateful for the provision of things we don’t need, things we simply wanted and God stepped up and provided.
We always put our “hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” (1 Timothy 6:17, emphasis added)
Yep, I’m feeling grateful and excited for the new school year.
Click here for more details on the desks that launched 1000 projects.


  1. wow!! that room makes me want to homeschool. that chalkboard is amazing and the new desk is, too. i love the colors you've got going in there. and the little old school desks. i could just go on and on.
    happy new school year.

  2. Looks great! I'm jealous of that HUGE chalkboard! And that aerial view just about made me dizzy. ;)
    Our school room is already in use as we started 2 weeks ago. You can hop over to my school blog to see it.

  3. Okay, so I'm in love with your classroom...and that red desk...awesome!!! Keep up the great work:)


  4. Yea, for homeschool rooms! Looks like you are ready for some serious writing with that 12 foot chalkboard--wow, that is awesome! I love the tinker toy vintage boxes and your punches of yellow. Happy teaching!

  5. Two words. JEA. LOUS.

    No, I'm actually very, very happy for you! Keep me posted on how it all works out, if you think it makes a big difference to have your own space just for school. Because if it does? I have got to figure out a way to convert some space.

  6. what a great school room! love it, and love your blog, girl!


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