Monday, September 6, 2010

Displaying Children’s Artwork

If you have kiddos in your life, chances are you have loads of masterpieces around your house. I typically find a new one on the fridge about once a day. My middle daughter below, working on the next installment, makes sure I never run out of frame-worthy creations to display. Unfortunately, I have run out of fridge space for these creations.
So I decided to dedicate a wall in our kitchen to their creations. To get us started we studied Van Gogh and then, using some of his techniques we made our own sunflower paintings. I thought this would be a happy transition from summer to fall around here.
2010 09 03_0740
I picked up some frames from Goodwill and gave them all a good blast of white spray paint, then rubbed over them with some brown acrylic paint to make them look older and worn.
2010 09 03_0741
And then they all got hung together in a happy, but random guess as I go arrangement.
2010 09 03_0743
And the kids artwork is up for everyone to see and admire-I think it looks pretty good. Here’s the run down, from left to right: Sunflower on left is my work, splotchy watercolor and splotchy sunflower on top are Aida’s, apples in the middle, bottom are Levi’s and sunflowers on the right are Cayden’s.
2010 08 29_0703
Do you display your kid’s artwork, or the artwork of the kid’s in your life? It’s a great way to add personality to your home, and adds a special touch of lovely to our home.
I'm sharing with Heather at Blessed Little Nest today, head over to see how others are making life lovely.


  1. We too display and do art a lot! It is fun to see that you paint with your children too-

  2. looks great - the coordinating color of the frames really brings them all together!

  3. I love them framed! You have some talented little artists! We display art in our loft... but I like the idea of framing in the kitchen! my house is lacking art! ;) visiting from Heathers!

  4. These look great! I love how you converted the frames. What a creative lady you are!


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