Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeling Daring

2010 09 15_1020
It was sort of a candle day, the weather got cloudy and it started to drizzle.  Although it wasn’t very cold out it looked like candle weather.  I had just picked up three new yummy pumpkin candles; well they smell yummy.  I wouldn’t know how they taste because I have never eaten candle and never would want to.  Eww.  So I gathered up some random plates and cups and let them go.  We’ve never had candles so low since kids came along.  But having this new coffee table made me want candles.  I know it’s not really a coffee table, it’s a little kid sized table but it works pretty swell for us here. 
Anyway, I’m praying that there will not be burnt fingers or crispy hair anytime soon.  I think they’ve got enough common sense to know better.
I think.


  1. that picture is adorable. your candles just ooze coziness!

  2. HA! Niiiice - looks like some of the same antics that go on at my house!

    Hope your lovely display survives! :)

  3. Definitely candle days right now! (Congrats on winning the Nester's giveaway!)

  4. I'm just starting to light candles again too. I love the pic of the kids playing with the vacuum, that is hillarious.


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