Thursday, September 30, 2010

Field Trip

Sometimes the weather is just too nice.  Sometimes a little boy asks his mom really nicely if we can take a day off.  Sometimes a mom was already thinking of taking a day off.  We didn’t need any more reasons.

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So we loaded up and headed out.  We picked up a friend along the way.  We hiked and splashed.  We watched the dog try to climb a tree.  We balanced on a log.  We ate lunch and then they were soaking wet by the time we left for home.

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It was definitely worth skipping lessons.  We so love this part of homeschooling, being able to get up and go and be flexible and adjust to our whims. 

And the weather was amazing-I figure that it’s only a matter of time before winter sets in but right now we’ll take advantage of this unseasonably warm weather.  Of course we can’t do that everyday, or we’d never get lessons done and that wouldn’t make me a good teacher.  But for now I’ll be flexible.

Today it’s back to grind, schoolwork and chores and ballet lessons.  They’ve been fighting and I overslept by an hour, but that doesn’t take away from the great day we had yesterday.  Sometimes you just have to get going and put one foot in front of the other, that’s what we’re doing today.  Relishing the good things in life and choosing to keep going when it’s not so good-or even just a little frustrating. 

And it’s Thursday, that’s a great day around here.  Thursday is good, and this Thursday will be no exception-hope it’s great for all of you!


  1. We called it a field trip day yesterday too. I love that about homeschooling and I love your pictures. What a beautiful day. Hope your Thursday is fantastic!

  2. i love that you guys are able to do that, and that you do! hope your thursday is a happy one! grind and all. :)

  3. My Thursday has been really good so far, too. I still can't believe the scenery where you live; it's just stunning. I don't blame any of you for taking the day off. Glad you're able to enjoy this beautiful weather.

  4. You can tell just by looking at the pictures it was a gorgeous day!! Wow. Glad you took time out for a field trip! (we took time out today for a little flood in the basement...I'm like you thought, it's gonna be a great weekend even though-) (:


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