Thursday, September 16, 2010

A House for Fall

I love the coziness of fall, I love being outside just a little less and not fussing over the garden quite as much. And I love changing things up.
I added a few fall touches here and there.
2010 09 13_1038
And then I moved the furniture around.
2010 09 14_1028
Three new animals found their way home. We picked these from Path Ministries International, they run an orphanage and school in Uganda and do amazing things for widows and orphans. We couldn’t resist these guys when we attended their annual dinner-made by hand way over in Uganda and looking pretty swell in our living room.
2010 09 13_1045
The house feels cozier now with just a few little changes. I usually break out all sorts of pumpkins and stuff and make it look like fall threw up all over but this year I just don’t want to. I’m good with simple and understated. Plus it’s a whole lot easier to put away once Christmas comes around.
Do you make changes with the seasons at your house?
Taking the time to nest for the seasons makes my life lovely so I'm sharing with Heather today.


  1. Our favorite time of year is fall...until winter creeps in...well, spring ain't half bad either...and summer? You gotta love the beach! I love those animals...we usually decorate with a simple style too.

  2. Yup, we're keeping it pretty simple round our parts as well - So far I've just picked up some yummy fall scented candles from Bath and Bodyworks and set them out with the staple candy corn dish.

    I'm feeling inspired by this wreath my good friend just made though...may have to try my hand at this:

  3. We tend to decorate for the a point. This year we just finished trimming a tree and I saved a big branch that I'm going to decorate for fall. I want to keep it simple this year, similar to what you're doing. Those animals you purchased are really cute, what a great cause to support!

  4. I love all the changes I see everyone making in their homes for fall. I just haven't felt it yet, probably because it's still stifling hot here, although it is starting to get a little "breezy.". I love your subtle touches - just enough to celebrate the season without all the packing and unpacking.


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