Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to have an exhausting Monday, or the day we took the family to Crater Lake

Start the day with a healthy dose of orange rolls.
2010 09 12_1003
Jump off energy from the sugar in the orange rolls before piling into the van and driving away.
2010 09 12_1005
Get the dog all excited when you stop at Dairy Queen for fries.
2010 09 12_1011
Then drive and drive some more before arriving at this amazing place.
2010 09 13_0970
Take lots and lots of pictures.
2010 09 13_0980
Try not to freak out when the kids get near the edge.
2010 09 13_0967
Try to look relaxed when you realize the sheer drop off down into the lake.
2010 09 13_0996
Let the dog look at the scenery too.
2010 09 13_0976
Eat lunch and peruse the gift shop, then pile into the van just as a storm breaks out.  Drive and drive and drive home, tired and happy.
Finish the day with a lighting and thunder storm and a plate of awesome brownies, while watching season two of The Office. (After the kids are in bed, of course.)
I love adventure Monday.  And I loved seeing Crater Lake, so did they-even if they whined about that long drive.
2010 09 13_0957
What adventures have you had lately?


  1. Absolutely beautiful, that is worth the drive. Cute pictures, the family shot is adorable. I'm with you, I'd be sweatin' bullets with the kids near the wall edge too.

  2. that looks like such a fun day! that family picture is great.

  3. THAT was a day trip away?!? Gorgeous! What a great day.


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