Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taking a Deep Breath

It was a day when things seem piled up-too much to do, long lists, a few broken cars and a weary me left me feeling tired.
Worn out and needing some sort of lift, a bit of perspective and a few deep breaths I grabbed the camera and wandered around the house.
I paused by the beautiful quilt made by hand by Zac’s aunt-it is a work of art and I love to snuggle in under it.  I love the vintage inspired fabrics and the colors.  I love it all and love how it looks so at home here, though she didn’t make it specifically for us it kind of feels like she did.  Someone must have known though, it’s perfect in our home.
I noticed one girl’s purse and picture from the library.  I love her individual touch that she puts on everything.  She takes things and makes them her own.  We’re teaching her where it’s okay to write and where it’s not, and I’ve let a few things go-she’s not doing this on the walls and furniture anymore so I’m good with that.
I overheard two gals working together, a moment of peace between them is amazing.  Sisters fight sometimes, I know, but it seems like it’s more often than not lately.  I’ll take every bit of peace I can come by.
And then I found the warrior factory, the one big brother  had set up.  He was charging his sisters 10 cents a piece to make a warrior.  He’s industrious, I’ve got to give him that.  He lined up all the body parts from every Lego guy he’s ever owned, ready to be assembled.  By the end of the day the price had dropped to five cents, and rumor has it there’s a sale next week- two cents off.  The funny thing is the girls were actually raiding their piggy banks for this.
And after all this I found my heart rate was a bit more normal, and I felt a bit more at peace.  Pausing with the camera in hand seems to work for me, it takes my eyes of all that I don’t have or haven’t accomplished and allows me to see what I do have. 
What I’ve got is a pretty amazing, imperfectly messed up life that has been redeemed and made new.  And I’m at peace with that.
It seems like this is a tried and true stress reliever for me-I’ve done this whole perspective thing before.  You ought to try it, it works.
{oh, and it’s Thursday-The Office and 30 Rock-makes me happy too.}
and one more happy thing is fall.  I’ve rebelled against the cooler weather for a bit because we had such a short summer-too short.  When the cooler weather came along I was a tad grumpy and pouty.  But I think I’m accepting it now.  I’m planning some pumpkin bread in the near future and lighting some nice candles-grateful that no one has burned themselves all up by now.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. Beautifully written and made me feel like I wasn't the only one feeling this way. My girls have been fighting a lot too and the baby has been refusing to sleep making it tantrum city around here. I'll have to take a trip through my house with my camera, maybe it will help me too. That quilt is gorgeous! Unfortunately we are still in the writing on the walls phase here. Enjoy your shows tonight. I'll be sewing and listening to my ipod.

  2. Your perspective idea strikes me. What a good way to be still, to see all the things to be thankful for. I'll try it one of these days.


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