Monday, September 13, 2010

Thank You Friends

So many of you have come to visit and hang out, and over the course of this blog I’ve made some new friends. 
I love that about this huge internet thing, in it is the ability to put people together from vastly different places. 
So whether you came to look at inexpensive jewelry storage, a sweater pillow cover, or kitchen cabinets, I just want to say thank you.
Some of you came to see something about the color orange or a home school room, or about putting artwork on canvas; however you found me you need to know that I appreciate you stopping by to read.
2010 08 20_0453
And then while you were here you found other stuff; silly things like toilet papering, and serious heart issues like praise and perspective.  And yet you stuck around.
I just want to say thank you-thank you for stopping by, for coming over.  Thanks for reading about my hormonal ramblings and just general nuttiness.  I appreciate your comments and that you took some time to visit me.  If I could I’d have you over for coffee and some sweets.  I really would. 
Thanks for sharing life, sharing the journey with me and reminding me (and lots of others) that we don’t travel alone.
Hope you all have a great week, we’ve got a big adventure planned for the kiddos today and I might just get this house fallified (you know, the process of making your home look more fallish).  I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about it.


  1. i'm so happy that i found you! everytime i visit i feel like we're sitting around that cute kitchen table of yours chatting over coffee. have a happy day!

  2. Thank you for your blog, for keeping yourself real and transparent. For asking honest and thought provoking questions. I'm glad you're here.

  3. It's always a pleasure to pop in and peek into your world in the sweet spot you've created here!

    Be sure to pop over to visit soon and read about GREAT give away I've got going to celebrate the completion of my Re-Ignite Date Night Series! ;)


  4. Aww. I'm glad to have "met" you last week through Heather's link up! delightful.


I love to hear from you! Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts with me.

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