Friday, October 1, 2010

The Beauty of Thursdays

Thursdays are kind of special around here, they’ve become a sacred sort of day in our house because of some intentional planning. And because of that, we love Thursdays.
Once upon a time, a long time ago my husband was a full time youth pastor. He was a busy guy (not much different from now, a volunteer/part time youth pastor who owns and operates a small business-busy might be an understatement). This busy hubby of mine had Fridays off; because of that I didn’t want to spend Fridays making the house clean after a week of not, catching up on laundry and all those other chores that seem to pile up through the week. So Thursday became the day to stay home and catch up. Thursday also happened to be the day when our two favorite shows were on: Survivor and The Office. Thursday was also the first day of the week I wasn’t obligated to be somewhere else as the wife of a busy youth pastor. Busy, are you getting that we were sort of busy? Well, having a down day seemed to be a good thing for me and for my three very young kids. They were around 4, 2 and less than one or in my belly at the time. Having a down day was a very good idea indeed.
2010 09 27_1160
So Thursday became the day. It starts like any other day but I started saying no to invites, appointments or anything else that wanted to creep in on Thursday. I didn’t want to leave the house and I hardly ever did on Thursdays. We totally slowed down, and all took advantage of naptime and I’m pretty sure that I took advantage of PBS to get that cleaning done. Thankfully we had a small house so it didn’t take very long. Usually by the time Zac got home on Thursdays the house was clean, a hot dinner was waiting and three (or four) happy people were at the door to greet him. We’d have dinner together, bathe the kids and tuck them in (early) and then snuggle in for those two couldn’t miss shows of ours and an early bedtime for us too. Of course, we don’t always go right to sleep. (I mentioned Thursdays were special, right?) Thursdays of nothing became the norm for us. And it’s stuck.
Now we still honor Thursday. We do lessons, the kids play by themselves, we do chores together and dinner is hardly ever leftovers and it’s hot and ready (usually) by the time Zac comes home. Not much has changed about Thursdays, and I love it. Even though right now we have ballet lessons, we do nothing else on Thursdays.
This Thursday was nice, and when it was all said and done the house was clean and dinner was awesome homemade mac and cheese and everyone was happy overall.
2010 09 30_1166
Yup, I like having home days so much that I try to have two per week. They’re so good for me and the kids and for the husband and even for the house who gets some serious attention after a week of neglect. We’re gonna keep home Thursdays, if nothing else for the sanity they bring. And the chance to make dessert.
2010 09 30_1172
How bout you? Do you have home days?


  1. (New to your blog, by the way!)

    Mondays used to be my At Home Day, I loved knowing there was no schedule or anywhere to go. I don't have a set day anymore but declared last night that TODAY would be an At Home Day for me and my youngest. It was such a nice day too!

  2. You know, we don't have a designated day to just stay at home, but the days that we do stay home all day feel really good. We should probably do it more often.

  3. Your posts are so amazing and I'm not saying that because I'm prejudiced! Well I might me be a little. Such wisdom in what you're saying. Again, thank you!

  4. Oh I love your idea of home days -- your Thursdays sound like Heaven to me. I have started to make Fridays that kind of day around here. Now that both my boys are in school, I usually meet a couple friends for coffee in the morning on Fridays (the only day I don't work), and then spend the rest of the day at home, usually writing, doing laundry, puttering around the house. I love the quiet and the peace...and the clean house, of course!

  5. Yes! I love home days...and mac & cheese :)



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