Thursday, October 28, 2010

I caved…..

I never been all that into Halloween, I don’t mind the candy and all but the other stuff I can do without.  I especially  take issue with decorations designed just to scare the pants off my kids.  I’m just not cool with that.  But they wanted spooky.  I’m grateful their definition of spooky is pretty tame.
2010 10 27_1878
All it takes is a couple dollars worth of spider webs, some cardstock bats and candy.  Simple, quick, inexpensive and best of all not scary.  Just spooky, and slightly irresistible.
2010 10 27_1875
Everyone is happy.  Or if you ask the bats, surprised. 
2010 10 27_1881
And then there’s the reminder that how I decorate my house isn't all about me, but more about the people who live here.  Well, the candy corns help here.
Do you decorate for Halloween?


  1. What is it about kids liking the spooky? I know I was like that too once upon a time, but now-a-days I'm with you.

    I suspect as my littles get bigger they'll want to get more more spookified 'round our parts as well.

  2. Decorating for the people who live there. I like that line. My kids haven't asked (yet) to do spooky. I'm not sure why but our 8 yr. old has even asked that we not do pumpkins this year-

  3. i like the sweetly spooky bats. i think they are quite cute and right up our spooky ally. :)

  4. Honestly, we don't do Halloween. We do "Happy Harvest" and we do decorate for that. We'll be doing our pumpkins this weekend, but I think we're going to paint them this year instead of carving them.

  5. I love it. So simply and so cute.


  6. Aww...very cute and simply spooky ;) I wish I would've gotten it together enough this year to decorate, but it didn't happen since I came up with the crazy idea of making the babies' costumes. I love what you did, though, easy peasy and perfect for Halloween.

  7. Very tasteful, I like it. I like how the candy corns add your signature "pop of color" too! And cobwebs really are beautiful if you think about it. AJ was talking about how it's ironic how in a season of harvest & abundance, provision for life there's a tradition of celebrating death & scary things, something I don't appreciate about Halloween. I like dressing up though. :)


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