Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch is not Boring

Apparently one of you does not think that looking at oodles of pictures of my kids at the pumpkin patch is boring.  Sorry Mom.  Here’s a few more pictures just for you!2010 10 10_1589edit 2010 10 10_1602 2010 10 10_1635 2010 10 10_1637 2010 10 10_1658 2010 10 10_1679
We had so much fun last week that we decided to go again with Zac yesterday.  We didn’t bother getting pumpkins and I didn’t take one single picture.  We were too busy playing hide and seek in the hay bales.  And now I’m still finding bits of hay all around the house.  It was a blast.


  1. I don't think pumpkin patch pictures are boring either. I like your hay bale maze picture.

  2. I expected a LOT of pictures!!! This is a good start. HA!! You can NEVER post too many pictures of my sweet grand kids!!! Grampie says they are his too. Oh well. Looks like it was a blast!! Proud of Levi and Aida on the rope thingie!!!

  3. Well Mom-there were more but these are honestly the best. Don't worry-I've got bike pictures coming soon.....You just need to get closer soon and this won't be so much of an issue. :)


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