Friday, October 8, 2010

Right Now….

I found two new globes at the thrift store. I love them.
I tried painting some fake pumpkins blue and green, like those cool ones you see all over the place. They looked awful. “It’s a freak of nature,” my husband said. He was right. I promptly went out grabbed these pumpkins. Much better.
I found new towels. They’re cool.
The kids have been having hot chocolate in the mornings, it’s cool enough outside to justify a bit of extra sugar to start the day. They also love to read the morning paper lately and they fight over the comics.
There is the most beautiful orange and red tree right outside my kitchen window. I love it, but don’t love how quickly it’s changing. I always want fall to stick around longer than it does, don’t you? I love Christmas and all (who doesn’t?) but it always goes by so fast. Too fast.
It’s chore day, and the girls actually cleaned their room and their bathroom while I was doing grammar with Levi. I was amazed. They didn’t do a perfect job-but they sure tried and I love them for it. It’s done and cleaner than it was. That’s a good thing.
And I managed to grab the rest of the tomatoes from the garden before the first freeze came along. Now I’ve got to figure out what else I can do with bowlfuls of green tomatoes. I’m thinking of trying green tomato pie. Have you ever had that? Have you ever even heard of that? Hopefully it’ll be good, I’m up for the challenge-keeping my fingers crossed that it’s worth the effort of making a pie crust.
2010 10 07_1379
That is life right now.
And now I’m off on a shopping date with my sweet Cayden. We’re planning on some serious girl bonding time. It’s gonna be great!


  1. Wow, those tomatoes are beautiful...but I've never tried green tomatoe pie (that sounds Southern -- is it?).

    Love your new towels and pumpkins!

  2. Oh, oh my. Your photos are lovely.

    And those towels are great! Where did you find those?

  3. I love those towels! Where did you find them?


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