Thursday, October 14, 2010

We went here…..

The pumpkin patch.  We took a lot of photos.  A lot.
I’ll spare you all the pictures-I figure you’ve probably got better things to do.
2010 10 10_1681wagon
But there were wagons and hay bales….
2010 10 10_1621edit
2010 10 10_1661edit
2010 10 10_1687edit
Wagon rides and baby animals…..calf
And a little gal who got left in the dust.  She wasn’t too upset though, she was relieved that she wasn’t a passenger-this time.
2010 10 10_1672edit 2010 10 10_1682edit
We’re thinking we’ll find ourselves here a few more times before the end of the month.  It might just be a tradition.
Do you do the pumpkin patch thing?


  1. we sure do!

    we were happy to be invited to one since this is our first fall in our new town.

    it was a bit of a drive, but well worth it. we got a hayride out to the patch and back to pick our own pumpking, then it was back to the main yard to let the kids play on a huge man made playset, haybales, and tire pyramid.

    add observing fresh apples from their orchard get pressed for cider complete with a sample added up to a glorious fall outting! :)

  2. that looks like such a great time! i love your girls boots!!


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