Sunday, November 28, 2010

And We are Thankful

Picnik collage

Thankful for extended time with family.

Thankful for relaxing.

Thankful for adventures out.

Thankful for getting away.

We are so grateful for the crazy, wonderful bunch of people we call family.  We love them.

2010 11 25_0118

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving week.  We’re getting back to real life and Christmas bliss after being away all week.  I love going away, but I sure do love coming back home-even more so when Christmas is underway. 

We’re planning on getting on the last of our decorations up and hunting down the perfect Christmas tree this week.  Out in the woods, there will be hot chocolate and hopefully not too much wandering around looking for that (elusive) perfect tree.  How about you?  Artificial or real?

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  1. so glad you have had a lovely thanksgiving holiday. we put our tree up, artificial, on black friday. it's a new tradition we started a few years ago and it's been really fun.


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