Monday, November 22, 2010

DIY Vintage Inspired Wreath

Here goes my first (and maybe only?) Christmas craft project.
Isn’t she pretty? And she was pretty easy to make.
First make hot cocoa (essential for doing any Christmas project). Then turn on the swinging Christmas station on Pandora, nice and loud. Also essential for any Christmas project. Then get to work!
To make the wreath all I did was wind two strands of tinsel garland around a foam wreath form. To keep them on I just secured them with straight pins. Then I used a heavy piece of white cardstock I had in my paper drawer to make the house. I did a template like the one below and then cut two pieces for the roof and small piece for the base. I stuck it all together with packing tape and tacky glue. Fancy, isn’t it?
To make the snow I used a generous amount of tacky glue along all the edges and let that dry, then I dribbled hot glue around the roof. And somewhere along the way I cut a door with cardstock and fashioned a doorknob out of a brad. Once all the glue was dry I painted a thin coat of tacky glue all over the house and doused it with glitter. Then I stuck it all on the wreath. The tree I had in my Christmas stash and the silver berries were from little picks I got at the dollar store. The snowflakes were cut from a garland I’ve had for years. And then it all got stuck on with hot glue. It was really easy, and not counting kid time it was really quick to put together.
What’s kid time, you ask? Well that’s the time it actually takes to get something done when you are constantly being interrupted to do silly things like make dinner and fix boo-boos and stuff. If it wasn’t for that I’m sure I’d have very little unfinished projects, right? Ahem, maybe not.
So now this baby hangs proudly in my home and makes me grin every time I pass by. I love it! I also love that I had everything on hand to make this, so it was free! Well, not counting the money I spent on the stuff last Christmas. (grin)
Okay, now that I’m looking at it again I’m noticing a bare spot of wreath poking through…better fire up that glue gun!
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  1. love it. this is so cute! every year i have wanted to make a little village of those cardboard houses. i might just do it this year finally! : )

  2. Now that's MY kind of project! I'd come craft with you any day! :)

  3. neat diy project and my kind, too--no sewing and some glue gun fun!

  4. i love the holiday projects you do. this wreath is so cute!!

  5. I really love this wreath. Retro, simple, perfect, and sparkly! Thanks for sharing with us.


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