Saturday, November 13, 2010

From Home to House

I’ve been thinking a lot about homes and houses lately.  The state of the economy has left a lot of our close friends losing their homes, through short sales or foreclosures.  Looking around, it’s causing us to reevaluate what our house really is and what home means to us. 
Our house is home not because it’s spotless or has all the coolest furnishings or is immaculately kept.  Our house is home because of the wonderful people that live here.  Our house has become home because we are here; living in it, filling it with noises and messes and memories.  Our house is home because there is a happy dog waiting for our return.  Our house is home because of the meals shared here.  Our house is home because this is where we love, laugh, fight, mourn, celebrate, encourage and live.  This is where we find safety and refuge and comfort.  All that goes on here is what makes this house our home.
And all that goes on here can go on anywhere else.  We can be home and be content wherever we are simply because we’re all together.  And in my book if we are all happy and all together then that is good enough.

I do love this house but a house can change, but home does not.  Our material possessions may come and go and lately  I’ve found myself wondering at the eternal value of the things I so often strive for: a clean house, a house at all, more possessions, a new purse, new boots, new scarves-none of these have much lasting value or impact.  I’m thinking about this lately and wondering how I can do more with less; less new stuff, less stuff to clean, less to do, less house.  Gulp.  That one just might be reality for our little family sometime too.  And you know what?  It’s okay.  I can be content and grateful for the essentials in life, that the basic needs of my family are met and that they are happy.
Sometimes God changes your perspective and shows you that a specific house doesn’t have to be home, that he might have something different in store for your family.  And that leaving a specific house isn’t the end of the world, just the beginning of a different chapter in your family’s life.  And that is okay.
A house is a building but home is where ever my family is. 

Nancy Reagan may have said it best: “I have been very happy with my homes, but homes really are no more than the people who live in them.
Those are true words indeed.


  1. Well said but more importantly well felt. I think this is the reality we have always been meant to know and live out. God does indeed bless us with material goods, but He never meant for them to take His place in our hearts. Your post expresses this distinction in a way we can all relate. I've been thinking alot about all the spiritual blessings we have been given in Christ Jesus. They cannot be purchased with money. But they can be imparted as choose to believe and make our real home in Him. Have a great Sunday!!!

  2. that is beautifully put gina! i've been feeling similar. feeling overwhelmed by "things" because i know that isn't what i want to spend my time focusing on.

  3. Amen sister! I woke up this morning at an hour too early to rise so I laid there for a while and listened to the dog and the husband snoring. I was thinking of this building, this house, this home we live in. It is far from grand, beautiful, or special. But for it I am so very, very thankful. That my babies know where they will lay their heads every night, they never question if there will be food on the table. How dare I wish for taller ceilings, a bigger closet (which by the way I would just think I needed to fill up), matching furniture. It is just so easy to fall into this even when you know better. So thankful for those still, quiet hours when God and softly whisper in my ear.


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