Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Many Looks of Aida

2010 11 04_0002_edited-1
She definitely has her own look, her own sense of style and her own way of doing things. 
Clothes are one of the things I’ve decided will not be a battle, unless it’s Sunday morning and she wants to wear flip flop with socks and her prettiest dress.  That one I’ll put my foot down on.
But otherwise anything goes.  And so she puts her own looks together and usually changes her clothes five times a day. 
Here’s a sampling of a normal week around here. 
I guess you could say she keeps things interesting.  And yes, this last one is a nightgown.  She wore it all day, and out on errands.  Is that hard for me as a mom?  Sometimes.  Sometimes I want to have everyone looking a bit more put together.  Sometimes I don’t appreciate the sideways glances at the grocery store.  But more than that I appreciate her cuteness and her ability to pull just about any look off.  I’m sure it helps that she’s only four.
She might not always be so, ah, creative in her clothing choices but I’d like to think I’m helping her be her own unique person.  Helping her gain confidence for later in life.  I want her to be her own person, even at the expense of my pride.  And not having those getting dressed battles is sure nice around here.  We’ve got enough of other battles.  Like who ate the last cookie, or used someone else’s toy without asking.  You know, typical sibling stuff.
I love the creative cuteness right now, I’m secretly hoping she doesn’t grow out of it.


  1. Gotta love those four year olds! I took mine to Target one time wearing striped leggings, her black velvet Christmas dress with a Chicago Bears jersey on top! I got my fair share of snickers and glares, but no way will I hinder her creativity for the sake of others! I think her creations are adorable and so are your daughter's!


  2. Well, Mammie loves her style and she is so cute in anything she puts on!! And her sassy little hair do is just her style too!

  3. Thanks for sharing Aida with us! I love her cute sense of style, and I love to hear that you major in the majors and minor in the minors... I'll keep that philosophy in mind for someday when I have my own kiddos! :)

  4. i think its great that you let her express herself, particularly through her clothes. i think it sends the message that you value her and her opinions/ideas and that is a wonderful gift to give her.

  5. I have one who changes her clothes FIVE TIMES A DAY!
    sandy toe

  6. Love it! We have a shoe girl over here at our house. Daddy's in big, big trouble.


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