Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We fa-la-la’d. 
We jingled.
We also pondered and prayed.
We attended candlelight services.
We gathered around festive, full tables.
We were woken up at 1:30 am Christmas morning to a squeal of “Santa came!!!”  And then we sent that boy back to bed, only so he could wake us up four more times until we finally caved at 6:30.  So then we had coffee; strong, strong coffee.  (Are my kids the only ones who do this?)
So we unwrapped.
And we were tired.  (Can you tell?  At least were happy!)
So we rested.
We snuggled.
We watched the wonder in their eyes.
We cleaned up the mess.
We enjoyed and savored and treasured.
Because they won’t always be this age and the magic might just fade a bit as they get older.
It was a wonderful Christmas.  And we’re not quite done.  We still have family in town and enjoyed our second Christmas morning with them yesterday.
We’ll celebrate a 5th birthday this week and sail into 2011, happy and at peace and at rest. 
Praying the same for you, dear friends. 
And if you don’t see me until next year you’ll know I’m still eating Christmas cookies, or running them off, or just snuggling by the glow of the Christmas tree.  Or watching my kids sleep by the light of theirs.
So grateful for Christmas and the greatest gift of all.  And everything else that goes with it.


  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVED this post! It made me feel excited inside all over again (seriously lol). No, your kids are not the only ones who wake up a million times during the night. I just wrote on my post how my boys did the exact same thing to us! haha...and I used to do it to my parents, oops. Love the sleeping photo and the one of him opening his Nerf gun. :)

  2. I soooo love your sweet blog and so I would love to pass this on to you.

    may you be blessed and have a wonderful 2011.


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