Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Dinner

We have a little advent box, and every morning the “elves” leave a little something inside for the kids.  They gleefully open the door first thing to see what’s inside.  This year the elves have taken up the job of activity directors for the the family.  The other day they told us we were all invited to a fancy dinner with the requirement to dress fancy.
Of course the elves know that most of this fanciness falls into my lap, but that’s okay.  The kids were eager helpers.
We set the table with our china.
We lit the candles.
And we had a grand old time. (And no, I didn’t really iron the table cloth.  I hold firmly to the belief that ironing is usually overrated and I can always find something better to do.)
And during dinner we had a little Christmas miracle. 
(Are we the only ones who call anything good happening at Christmas time a Christmas miracle?  “Hey honey, I didn’t burn dinner!”  “It’s a Christmas miracle!”  “Look, the light just turned green!”  “It’s a Christmas miracle!”  “Toilet paper is on sale!”  “It’s a Christmas miracle!”  Everything and anything is cause for that declaration.  Anyway, on to the rest of our evening….)
The extraordinary event was snow.  It started snowing during dinner and it was just lovely, so lovely in fact that we piled into the van to drive through Mickey D’s for sundaes. 
We had a wonderful fancy dinner, as evidenced from the content grins all around the table.  It was wonderful because we took extra time to make it so, mostly though it was wonderful to be together and take time.  I can see this needing to be a regular event at our house. 
Oh, and the menu?  Not too fancy, but their favorite homemade mac and cheese.  Simple, but everything was extra special because we took the time to make it so.
As a mom I’m realizing that I can’t leave extra special and fancy to instances when we have guests, the people who live here need that care and attention just as much.  Actually, they need it even more so.


  1. What a lovely idea. I need to plan that on a Friday evening, instead of the usual pizza and a movie. The kids would think that was fun!

  2. Lovely! The glow of the candles is beautiful. Definitely very, very special.


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