Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas Home

Come on in! Our giant, colorful Christmas tree is ready to greet you as you walk in the door.
2010 12 13_0272
Our snowflake blizzard was easy to make and looks so amazing at night-the kids keep adding to it, and their friends too. Every time someone comes over more snowflakes are added.
2010 12 13_0273
The view from the table during a morning cup of coffee. Every year I say that I’m going to do more simple decorating, every year the Christmas tree seems to undo that! Even though it’s gigantic, I love it.
2010 12 13_0268
I also love the galvanized pail my hubby brought home to hold the Christmas tree in, the stand fits perfectly inside and I don’t have to worry about sucking up the tree skirt with the vacuum. We found ours in the attic at church, but you could probably find one pretty easily at a farm supply store.
2010 12 13_0270
The table has some sparkle too. I found the silver goblets at a thrift store and tried to shine them up, when I did I found an engraving that says “Lakeside 1971.” I wonder where these bad boys have been in their lives. I tried using Tarnex but that stuff stinks-anyone have any other (less stinky) silver cleaning suggestions?
2010 12 13_0266
I’ve been working on stockings for a while now….just have one more to go. To hang them I just attached a cord to the nail holding the bracket and pulled out the clothes pins. Simply, easy and no more extra holes or command hooks to hide. I love those things but thought they looked a bit too cluttered up there. Have I mentioned it’s small in here? Our houses really isn’t large so it doesn’t take much to make it feel full. I’m feeling more and more that simple might be an okay thing.
And just a few other bits and pieces.
This is our upstairs hallway….
And this is real life….(grin)
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  1. It is gorgeous at your place! So fun, love those snowflakes!! And tree is fabulous. We used to get giant trees, but now our house is much smaller and we have lots of excess things that get in the way of our big tree idea.

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. your place looks so cozy and Christmasy. fun! p.s. I think non-gel toothpaste is supposed to shine up silver nicely. And that would smell like Christmas! :)

  3. Where did you get your nativity? My dad bought me some very similar in Mexico when I was a little girl. I have never seen another one. I guess it's a Christmas miracle! Love you blog!


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