Monday, December 6, 2010

Scenes from a Snowy Saturday


And so it came, and with it wide eyed wonder.  The weather man never said a word about this wonderful Saturday morning surprise.  Nothing prepared us for a weekend of snow, snow and more snow. 


And it’s been pure bliss.


Our schedule was rearranged to take advantage of the fresh powder, and our lives slowed with the soft fall of snow and more and more snow.  I love how insulating and cozy it feels when fresh snow comes, the world stills a bit and slows downs to savor the sweet gift of the first snowfall. 


I love the opportunity of a lazy day on the couch watching the drifts pile up.  (It gave me a chance to finish my wrist warmer.  If I ever get around to making another one I’ll be wearing these on the next snow day.)


I loved waking up to more fresh snow Sunday morning and fresh snow again today.  The weatherman says this is it for a while, but he’s been wrong before.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring slightly warmer temps and some rain, unfortunately that just might wash away our winter wonderland.  But for a few days we’ve had magic. 


Thank goodness we trekked to the woods last week to get the tree, just might a bit too much snow now!

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  1. Slowing down for the snow is great. We had about 4-5 inches. I'm glad the kids played first thing on Sunday because today it was way too cold.(they did bundle up to "helP" walk the dog tonight though) And rain after snow, not so pretty...

    Your tree looks gorgeous!

  2. That look fabulous, I sure hope we get more snow! Although it was a little scary getting my family home over Thanksgiving with our snowstorm. But during Christmas I'd love it!!!!! And I want that drink in your Christmas cup, that is adorable!!


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