Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Wonder of Advent

Yesterday I discovered how you can make a four year olds day. Want to know the secret?
Hang colored lights in the garland, instead of the usual white ones.
It’s turning out to be a little more colorful around here this Christmas, and that’s just fine. I guess color and life and loudness cannot be avoided with three small kids who are filled with Christmas wonder. It is so fun to watch them. And that magical feeling of wonder and awe they have rubs off on me, filling me with excitement and wonder this season.
It’s also getting me excited for all the traditions we share this time of year, and has me singing this song to myself a lot:

But on a more serious note I've also been thinking about advent, and how I celebrate the coming of Christ in my life. I looked up the word advent yesterday and was stirred deep within as I read it's meaning. Advent is a coming into place, or an arrival. I long for Jesus Christ to come into place in my life, I long for the arrival of him in my heart. His coming touches those deep places in me that are so desperately needy for more of him and less of me. As I celebrate advent this Christmas season and as I celebrate his coming, I am in awe of a tiny child who whoever changed the world. I am in awe of a man who chose to die for me. And I am in awe of that man who rose from death in victory. I pray we can all walk in that sense of awe and wonder this season, that doesn't come from decorations or silly movies or gifts or any of the trappings to come along with this month. It's a sense of awe that comes from anticipating the coming of a baby who was born to be King. That is what all of this is for.

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