Monday, January 3, 2011

best idea ever…

Christmas is over.  Yes, I know you know that already.  After Christmas is done and I’ve packed all the Christmas pretties away I usually refresh things in the house.  I move accessories from here to there and push the furniture around a bit.  It’s a good way to get me to actually dust, and with a new year it seems like a fresh start is a good thing.
So I moved some stuff around today and I think I came up with the best idea known to parenthood, well, at least parenthood in my house. 
I have this cute little mirror that I stuck here on the kitchen cabinets, just because.  I seemed like a good place for a something and I happened to have this mirror in my hand.  I put it there and walked away.
It wasn’t until later that I noticed the view from the mirror.  It’s the family room behind the kitchen.  The family room where the kids play and much mischief is made while mommy has her back turned and is doing dishes.
So I don’t see this gloomy bear tree and the fifth wheel on an empty lot that seems suspiciously like someone is living there.
Instead I get a birds eye view of the action in the living room.  Mischief makers, beware!
Oh, I also get a place to check out the hat I crocheted up this weekend.  It’s a great way to hide the head of hair one might have when it’s been a few too many days since you’ve washed your hair and yes, you did take a shower after your run but just didn’t feel like dealing with hair.  Not that I’ve ever done that.  Ummm… I might need to make more hats if I keep up this unclean hair habit. 
In other news, this is cracking me up.  Big time. 
Watch it, try not to laugh out loud.


  1. LOL! Don't go giving away the secret to mommy having eyes in the back of her head. I love your scale, BTW.

  2. The mirror is really sweet :) Love the hat, too, you look just darling!

  3. i didn't know you knew how to crochet?! that hat is sooo cute. and your mirror is not just genius, but cute to boot! love the color.

  4. Okay, I could not contain my laughter!

  5. I tried not laughing out loud. Couldn't do it! So funny!!

    Love the mommy spy mirror!

  6. love the hat :) I would love to stitch up one of those, where did you get the pattern or is it an original?

  7. hi gina (its lisa wadell) i love your blog! so fun to see how creative you are :) and I LOVE SNL!!!!

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys...

    Anonymous, I found the pattern on, it was a free pattern there. It linked me up to the actual site: It took about an hour to put together, so easy!

    Hey Lisa-thanks for commenting, yes-I love snl too. Good laughs :)


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